We have a high-priority an a single idea, to serve as much as we can to the international trade by sea and air transport with the purpose to facilitate the logistic and documentation services to all customers involved in the import and export traffic, and to negotiate the operations on behalf of the principals in good faith, giving a support to the market improving a easy way to cope with the traffic difficulties and cargo management that usually embarrassing the customers in their selling and purchasing business. We also have the services of supply, provisions, spare parts, food fresh water and oil to the vessel under our consignment and of serving all kinds of supplies to the ships, with the great collaboration of our suppliers even a shore technician services.
We have growing and have try to be competitive all the time. So the high quality services that the traffic demand and due the strong competition we have posted in our Commercial department a young people to carry out daily labour of get new customers and new markets. The competition has actually a great level, and many times we need to arrange agreements with them in order to cover a traffic area a share the business and the traffic in order not to spoil the market having in these moments an in agreement structure with the necessities of the moment. We have created a support commercial points. We have recycled ourselves and we hope to always overcome ourselves, to the rhythm that the market and the competitive fighters demands improving day bay day new ideas to be competitive.
There was a great idea long time ago to decide to be involved in the international marked so it have really open us new doors in the world. And now we are locate ourselves like an international and strong company into the worldwide market range