We have thought for future plans, some international important businesses are into our will, for this reason the Company is always getting ready and forming our own professionals employees with updated manning systems.
Now we are thinking to establish our service in South America, first with an cooperation agreement with companies already established over there an with South American international company dedicated the registering of ships and the license of the inspection and surveys of ships and offering a large range of services into the Technician market , offering the recruitment and supplies as well open off shore companies for that purposes .
All under the point of view that the new Panama channel is going to be rebuild in the next 10 years building a wider channel to allow large vessels to pass into .
So a large quantity of material are going to be imported for this purpose, mainly into containers, as well another goods Increasing the traffic in/out Panama so we will like to be in that time over there and ready to give our best services to all importers and companies