This company was created in Morocco on 22 August 2008, established inside the Agadir port area in a more appropriate place for the environment of the company and now giving to their customers a great quantity of services of any kind always involved in the shipping trade, as forwarding agent, custom clearance agent, shipping agency and stevedoring services.
Head office is established at Agadir, and branch offices at La Aaiun, Dakhla, Casablanca, Tanger, Melilla and Las Palmas
The equipment is compound of a stevedoring material and all necessary tools for discharge the fishing vessels. A professional manager staff and experienced stevedoring team that working for the client day by day, trying to give them the best service in permanent contact with them, always giving them the biggest information possible of their loading and discharging operations.
The Moroccan headquarters, located in the Agadir port, maintain in service update a warehouse of 1200m2, offices, 4 cranes and 8 elevators, 2 trucks and 90 employees. The main activity of the Moroccan headquarters is as Shipping Agent and Stevedoring services for the vessel calling Agadir coming from Europe and far east. The main handling works carried out at Agadir port is the Loading and discharging the frozen fish, 12 employees work into office as managers staff and the remaining ones work as Stevedoring in the piers, as crain man, engineer, forklift drivers and hand workers.